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Life Of Pi

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Life of Pi

The book Life of Pi was basically about the life and times of Piscine Molitor Patel. Pi grew up in India with his mother, father, and his older brother Ravi. In the following paragraphs you will learn more about what I read.

Growing up in India was the best place to be to Pi. Pi's family owned the nearby zoo that was called the Pondicherry Zoo it was the only zoo in all of India. They named it the Pondicherry Zoo after the town they lived in. All the people and animals in the zoo knew Pi very well. Pi Patel was the only visitor who came to the zoo that was able to feed the animals.

Pi grew up a Buddhist studying Buddhism. His choice of religions took a sudden turn. He began to believe in both Catholicism and Hinduism at the same time while still believing in Buddhism.

He started to explore Christianity while on a trip with his father. He saw a catholic church that was giving out tours to people so he went on in. Before he got in the church he was scared that the people would spit and say mean things to him for being a Buddhist, but they didn't they welcomed him with open arms. When he first heard about Jesus being crucified he didn't believe he was the almighty Son of God. He would say he couldn't be because he let humans kill him! It took Pi a long while to understand that it was in the will of god that Jesus dies. Pi came back day after day to the church to learn more about Catholicism. On their last day there he came to the father of the church and told him that he wanted to be Christian, the priest asked him "do you believe Jesus is the son of god" Pi said yes. Father replied you already have accepted our faith then.

Pi became interested In Hinduism when him and his dad would take trips to the inner city. Pi was walking around the city when he seen a little building with what looked like holy writings on it. He walked inside and the place was dark the only lighting it had was from candles. Near the front of the church was an alter. He approached the front of the church and saw a table just in front off the alter; on the table was cups of a dark red liquid and on a dish next to that he seen crispy wafers. He picked one up and smelled it; while he smelled it he heard a voice say would you like one. The voice startled him he couldn't believe someone was watching him the whole time. The man was someone named Mr. Kumar, him and Pi became good friends.

One day their family went to the park for some family time they were standing at a bridge and saw three men coming their way the men were; the father from the Catholic Church, Mr. Kumar from the Hindu temple, and his Buddhist priest. As you can probably guess there was a big argument between the men what denomination Pi was. They asked Pi which one he was he said, "why cannot

I be all three?" His dad said that's just not the way you're supposed to be. Pi thought of which one he should pick he could not come to a conclusion so he just decided that he would be all three.

As time went on it became more and more expensive to live in India. So Pi's family decided



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