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Life In Africa

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Chester Corporation encompasses many attributes that are extremely helpful in achieving our goal. Our strategy, which allows us to focus on the low end and traditional market segments but also compete in the other segments, is a main strength for Chester Corporation. Additional strengths include being in a financially secure position, having a steady inventory turnover, competitive capabilities and efficient and effective recruitment and training of talented individuals. All of these attributes make Chester a successful and expanding corporation.

As of the date of our last financial statement, Chester's strategy has proven to be relatively successful. The profits were listed as $5,250,254, which was close to the average of all competing corporations. Chester did not suffer any losses for the year, which proves that we have a steady cost structure and our prices are reasonable in all segments. Our contribution margin is 32.1%, which puts Chester in second place in that category. This high contribution margin shows that our return on sales is favorable at 4.3%. Chester did not have to access any emergency funds, which displays liquidity, and high-quality cash management. Chester's stockholders are also satisfied due to our strategic planning because the stock price rose last year by $6.41. There are 2,000,000 shares outstanding with a closing stock price of $40.66, which puts us in third place among the competition.

In all, Chester is in a financially stable position and earned net income of $5,250,000, which again, is close to the average net income of all competitors in the electronic sensor market. Chester is in second place with its inventory turnover of 1.22, which proves that our production levels are coinciding with the demand for our products in the majority of the segments. We do not have an abundance of inventory in our warehouses waiting to be sold. Chester's production analysis looks very promising because we are producing



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