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Library Of Congress

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Sunday 30 September 2007

Library of Congress

Today we had a discussion about the LOC in Washington DC in America. Dr. Taqreed has viewed us a ((Documentary film)) of this historian library.

The Aim of establishment:-

As the library considered a REASERCH ARM of the Congress, we can say that the creation of it was based on how United State can make decisions throughout the globe.

On the other hand, the ambition of President Jefferson to have a reference that everyone can use and benefited from it is behind of this creation.

The main points of the film and the discussion as the following:

* The Library of Congress was established on April 24, 1800 transferred from Philadelphia to the Capital where President Thomas Jefferson offered his personal library, which has known as a finest one in the United State.

* The library consist of 3 separated buildings:

1. Thomas Jefferson building

2. John Adams building

3. James Madison Memorial building

* The library was build to be a globe reference and sources for all kind of knowledge in over 470 different languages.

* The library contains different kinds of media such as (books, films, microfilms, audio and etc...).

* The law of COPYRIGHT has been created among the creation of the library so that United State can protect its materials locally and internationally.

* The library contain Gutenberg Bible one of the only 4 vellum copies known to exist, and first printed book has ever known in 1455.

* The library considered as a National Library and a Museum. People around the globe visit it to see its remarkable constructor from both the outside and the inside.

* The library has a private fund to make contracts with local bands to play on the historical instruments currently hold within the library museum.

* The library developed a system of a book classification called Library of Congress Classification LCC besides the Dewey decimal system

* The library contains some President Lincoln



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