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Lewis And Clark

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Lewis and Clark

The trip started off on April 7, 1805 just after the worst winter had ended. We survived solely by the help of the Mandan Indians who helped the Crops of Discovery at Fort Mandan. Its been a year since President Jefferson sent us to explore the newly purchased Louisiana Territory. Are main goals are to document the unexplored area between the Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains and to ultimately find a Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean to open trade with the Orient.

After a few weeks in the "Unknown" we ran into some newly discovered creatures such as a bear, bigger then any bear any one on the team had ever seen. Bratton had already shot it twice but it kept charging at him so I lead a small team into the woods to kill the bear. We shot the bear several more times but it persisted to charge at us until Bratton managed to shoot the bear clear through the lungs. Bears like the grizzly where able to endure up to 12 shoots before dieing. A few weeks after the bear incident we came across another obstacle, a for in the Missouri River. We scouted out the north fork of the river to see if it leads to the waterfall that an earlier Indian tribe had mentioned. While on are scouting journey we came across a pack of Indians who where frightened by us and fled back into the woods. I let them go with out pursuit in order to avoid an incident. That night, while we where relaxing at camp, we become startled by a noise in the woods which turned out to be the Indians. We spent the rest of the evening communicating with the Indians and the helped us on our journey pointing us in the right direction. After a few days of sailing down river we are forced to go onto land and drag are belongings in make shift crates and we can see the tops of snow capped mountains in the distance. Then Sacagawea became sick and we nursed her to health with some opium. Then on July 4th we finally break out of the portage and are back on the river. We then came across three more branches in the river and named them after



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