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Legal Issues In Reduction Of Workforce Simulation

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The research obtained from the simulation gives the viewer a perspective regarding a business situation. The business situation pertained to a direct marketing of branded sports apparel company, Fast Serve, Inc. Since, Fast Serve, Inc has moved out of the online distribution, a downsize decision is considered. Three employees are to be terminated according to the employees work evaluations. The viewer is considered a senior manager in the Human Resources Department. The viewer is to determine those selected for dismissal within a two weeks timeframe that benefits Fast Serve, Inc. The research paper indicates what are the key terms that reflect on the simulation compared to the readings in Chapters 14 & 15.

Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce Simulation

Fast Serve, Inc is a 25 million company, consisting of 350 employees, involved in direct marketing of branded sports apparel. The company has developed two websites that will allow them to increase in assets. Since, the online industry was not successful, Fast Serve, Inc, is to downsize. As a manager of Fast Serve, Inc. the viewer has selected three employees for termination. The regulations regarding the decision per employee are determined upon the productivity for the company, thus the benefit for Fast Serve, Inc. A table in included identifying each employee and why they have been considered for termination. (2007, University of Phoenix Student Website) (2005, Reed, O.L., Shedd, P.J., Morehead, J.W., & Corley, R.N.)

Each employee is categorized according to their performance. The graph identifies what the employees' background from performance to absenteeism. The flaws of each employee are given to better understand each employee's strengths and weaknesses. The selection made by the viewer was determined upon what benefits Fast Serve, Inc. Although, the decisions seemed simple to detect, the simulation assisted in identifying if the decision was favorable or not. Therefore, the section for those employees' selected specified depending on their performance and what achievements each employee had. Since, all employees had an issue that protected them; the selections of each employee was detected carefully and yet only managed to terminate a total of two employees and have one of those three selected in provisional status. (2007, UoP)

The three selected for termination was based upon the importance of the future for Fast Serve, Inc. The first selected was Brian Carter. The reason for this decision was considered due to Fast Serve, Inc. not making enough internet transactions for such technological investment to be viable. Although Mr. Carter does have carpal tunnel syndrome, his expertise do not find that Mr. Carter is not being dismissed because of his disease, but solely because the internet account was not effective. The simulation's response was positive and stated that the decision made is affective for Fast Serve, Inc. (University of Phoenix, 2007)

Another decision that was made for termination was Sarah Boyd. She has been in the company for over 15 years and her experience has indeed determined in good standing, but she has yet to be considered an achiever for the company. She understands the concept of the business thru its administration. The decision was made solely because of the dispatched is becoming automated in a short period of time and she will no longer be useful to the company. Although, she understands the administration department, she is given a severance package that best suits her and the company. According to the simulation the decision was quite beneficial to both parties in order to avoid a law suit under the Age Discrimination Act. It also stated that she is content with that decision. (University of Phoenix, 2007)

The last decision made was quite astonishing. The viewer initially made this decision due to the employee's lack of productivity. The selected employee was Nora Manson. She has been quite a legend in the company because of her knowledge in public relations, but she has yet to show her interest in productivity as it states in the simulation. The decision for termination was based upon the benefit for the company as all decisions were made. (University of Phoenix, 2007)

The simulation states that she is a member of the local NAACP chapter and has directed numerous African American employees to file discrimination complaints Fast Serve, Inc to the EEOC (Equal Employee Opportunity Commission). Although, she is considered for termination due to her advisement to other employees to tarnish Fast Serve, Inc., the simulation stated otherwise. It mentioned to the viewer that a decision for probation was considerable due to her wanting to file a complaint after complaint. Her probation will consist of three months. She is to increase her production level. Open communication for Manson is considered with her manager regarding productivity and production. The simulation states that she appreciates open communication and giving her a warning is considerable for the Fast Serve, Inc. to avoid a lawsuit against them. The simulation stated that the decision to terminated Manson wasn't the right choice for this exercise. (University of Phoenix, 2007)

The decision for this exercise gave the viewer the understanding of the regulatory aspect for the importance when deciding on a managerial perspective a termination of an employee. What was considered are the laws that either protects an employee and the corporation. The balance between those decisions for legal risk could basically depend solely on a determined employee that simply understands the regulations that protect him/her. What can be done when an employee like Manson, is considered for termination because of her performance? As it is known by logic,



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