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Learning What Matters

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Learning after four

It all started back in the days of my under graduation, I was one among the million stereotypical students from India who opt for engineering after finishing my higher secondary examinations for the desire of my father and more importantly to accommodate the expectations of the society that exists around me. Later on did I realise that both people around me and my dad didn’t help me and I was on my own, Left alone to face the harsh truth that handwriting and diagrams found more worth than the actual content in my answer scripts. I do sound like a wailing person but that was just what I had to go through the entire phase of engineering for four long years.

I’ve decided not to just lament anymore, the bright side of engineering was there was nothing much to learn and could easily get away from the assignments assigned by the university. I had so much fun post college hours. That’s where my learning truly began. College worked from the morning 6 pickup at the bus stop and being fed with breakfast at college followed by a state of highly calm and pleasant sleep during the first few hours of the morning. We were given a break at 10 to energise ourselves with hot chai or Horlicks depending on the day of the week. Later we had a reunion at the classroom accompanied by a professor who would go on and on about something irrelevant to what we as friends were discussing about but it always was him who complained that we weren’t listening to a word he was saying. Aah who cares bout what he had to say anyways we knew it wouldn’t help us much. After much drama usually one of the innocent guys gets caught and spends some time with the H.O.D. We cursed the college from morning until its lunch time, we would go in for a delicious meal, one of the perks of being in the Jeppiar Sathyabama group of institutions.  So that sums pretty much my entire four years of engineering. I surprisingly scored a lot more in competitive exams such as GATE and MAT exams than the class toppers who toiled day in and day out. That’s when did I realise that learning was not within but the learning that I had was entirely after four.



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