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Learning Objectives

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Learning Objective

Learning objectives were determined on the basis of specific needs of target groups and complied with the objectives of the training. In accordance with that, the themes were selected are stress management programme, and the target group are tele marketing . The program trains the tele marketing unit from sale & marketing department to control situational stress as it occurs, develop responses to frequent stress scenarios, cut off the escalating spiral of stress, and implement recovery and preventive solutions.

Training objectives were based on the participants’ needs and represent expectations of what they should be provided with during the course, regarding knowledge, behaviour and change of attitudes. They have an influence on the selection of methods used as a basis for assessment of whether trainees’ needs were satisfied. Learning objectives were set to contribute to the achievement of the training program objectives, at the same time providing efficient monitoring and evaluation.

Stress management programme is the interactive program equips the members with skills vetted by the research to change reactions to demands, relieve tension, and build resilience, including the use of optimism to counter false beliefs and pessimistic thinking. All the programs all fully conducted by our Lead Workz Stress Management Team.

This programme are emphasizes of 3 A’s “Alter”. Remove the source of stress by changing something. Use problem solving, direct communication, organization, planning, time management. Secondly, “Avoid” .Remove oneself from the stressful situation or figuring out how not to get there in the first place. Let go, say no”, delegate. Last one, “Accept” Accept that the situation is stressful and resource yourself well so that you can deal with it. Also working to change your perception. See it as a challenge rather than as a threat challenge rather than as a threat.

From our observation 11 over 13 participants who has attend the training of Stress Management Programme. We have 3 slot that are full of program filling.  First Slot the facilitator will discuss and explain about the definitions and type of stress with trainee. Second slot, facilitator will talk about causes of stress with some light activity. Third of slot was discussing about how to manage a stress at work and how to control it. Below are the training Methodology that our team highlight through in stress management programme  for them.

Practical examples: considering the fact that the trainers were experienced and exceptionally acquainted with the training modules, one of the most desirable ways to clear some uncertainties among trainees were drawing attention to the previous real life situations particularly in handling the stress  which the trainers witnessed in the past.

Transfer of knowledge and previous experiences through discussions: sharing of experience sessions were included for better understanding of problems and challenges for them to alter, avoid and manage the stress with good way.



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