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Language is one of the most important areas of human

development. Our communication skills set us apart from

the rest of the animal kingdom, and they're also what bring

us together with each other. Even though we are born

without being able to speak, we all have some form of

language from birth. If we didn’t posses any

communication, we would be unable to express the emotional

and moral aspects of our souls.

Many people think of speech and language as being the

same, but I think they really are different. Speech is

part of language, but language also includes understanding

as well as visual communication such as sign language,

written language, or certain gestures to communicate. Non-

verbal communication is really the foundation on which all

language and speech depend.

For instance, babies are born without verbal language

but still can communicate their needs through crying,

reaching, and the expressions on their faces. They're

basically conveying their emotional states like happiness,

anger, and excitement. Non-verbal communication

is the main occurrence for the first couple years of life.

In fact, the word "infant" comes from a Latin word meaning

"not speaking".

Not only is language a form of communication, it is

connected with so many different aspects of a child's

development. Right from birth, the development of language

is all wrapped up with emotional development. Like how a



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