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Langston Hughes's Life Influences

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James Mercer Langston Hughes, also known as Langston Hughes was an African American writer who wrote various works, including poetry, novels, newspaper articles, and playwrights. He was born to the father and mother of James Nathaniel and Carrie Langston Hughes in Joplin, Missouri. His father later abandoned the marriage and left him and his mother for Cuba and Mexico, however later on, he was sent to his grandmother to be raised during his childhood life. His life consisted of many ups and downs, which influenced his life drastically leading to his passion for writing poetry as a way of exiting his life situations. In his early years of life, he was writing poetry constantly and was even recognized as the class poet in grammar

school, even though being that it was only two blacks in the classroom, and stereotypically blacks did not have the ability to create such works, he went beyond the mind set of society. Later on, Hughes traveled to be with his father to continue his life in Mexico, however their relationship was not successful, but in essence it was a set up for failure. This experience led Hughes to contemplate his suicide. But because of his enduring power and strength he overcame his obstacles and later went back to live with his mother, and then pursue his college education. Hughes obtained a B.A. at Lincoln University, a honorary doctorate at Howard University, both HBCU's.

Langston Hughes's main obstacle in his life was the increasing political views of racial discrimination. This led to him writing his various works expressing his perspective and opinions about the issues facing America during that time period. He also did not just write to condescend America's views towards blacks, but to even make a point about the other black writers during this time to show them the importance of writing not just to criticize harshly but to demonstrate an educated and thought out way of expressing one's views. He sought



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