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Land Rover North American, Inc

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2.0 Introduction

2.1 The Reality of the Report: Purpose & Aims

Whether it is crude, boring, eccentric, exciting, entertaining or otherwise, there can be no doubt that Reality TV is big business. As the saying goes, there is no business like show business, and media conglomerates and television networks alike have done big business through reality TV.

This truly unique genre of programming has taken the world by storm since its inception, traced back as far as 1996 worldwide. TV networks, and in particular, their programming officials, have done everything possible to ride the ЎҐwave of reality.ÐŽ¦ Today, it is difficult to flick through free-to-air channels without catching a glance of some form of reality programming.

Network programmers know better than most that all good things must come to an end, that all fads have their time and that new trends will forever emerge. With this in mind, our intrigue was drawn to this very topical genre of programming. In particular, our interest lies with whether or not reality TV has, or is, beginning to lose its appeal.

Our initial intrigue and research into the area indicates that worldwide trends depict a decline in the popularity of reality TV. This report, however, aims to analyse and assess whether or not this trend has filtered through to our own backyard as yet. The research outlined within aims to answer this burning question, and in doing so, provide some valuable research, conclusions and recommendations for use right across the media industry.

In particular, the aim deriving this market information is a relevant and critical tool for TV networks, aiding in decision making on two predominant issues;

1. Whether to continue to allocate resources to reality programming

2. Which sub-genres of reality programming to continue supporting, if any

It is purposed that this information also will become useful for broader use by other industry stakeholders;

„X Advertisers in evaluating which timeslots and programs offer the best viewer base for advertising of particular products and bands

„X Reality program producers in evaluating which styles and themes of reality programs continue to attract large viewer bases and what can be altered to attract more viewers to particular programs

„X Sociologists in investigating viewer thoughts and actions, resultant from certain forms of reality programming

2.2 The Reality of Reality TV: Project Evaluation

Reality television is a genre of television programming which is typically unscripted, documents actual events and has situations featuring ordinary people instead of professional actors. This



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