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L'oréal Case Study

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Organization Environment

Assignment 2: Organizations in the International Environment

Company                : L'Oréal Cosmetics company

Industry                : Personal care industry

Headquarters                : Clichy, France

Revenue (2014 or 2015): Increase € 25.257 billion in 2015

Products                : Cosmetics and beauty products

Number of Employees        : 78,600 employees in 2014                        

Subsidiaries: The Body Shop International plc (Skin care) and Lancôme (Perfume and Cosmetic)

  1. In how many countries does L’Oréal operate (not sales, operations)?
  • L’Oréal operates in over 130 countries.
  1. In how many countries does L’Oréal have manufacturing plants?
  • L’Oréal has 43 manufacturing plants in 15 countries.
  1. How has L’Oréal managed to be both very global and very local?
  • L’Oréal has managed upper management team in home culture and place multicultural managers at the center of interactions among regions to be both very global and very local. They transfer knowledge from subsidiaries and back to home country as well as from the home country to subsidiaries.
  1. How does L’Oréal bridge its products to other cultures?
  • L’Oréal bridges its products to other cultures by diversifying its products to meet with the need of every customer. Moreover, they build product development teams to research and development who report to multicultural managers by doing that company can get more knowledges from different cultures at the same time.

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