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King Of The Jungle Reader Response

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Reading the first paragraph of King of the Jungle by Perri Klass opened the door for my response. A fact about Walt Disney I bet you never knew. A thought that you do not see until you stop and clearly break down each Disney movie ever made.

Walt Disney was the maker of some of the most amazing children's shows around. But what do a lot of the movies have in common? Ariel, Bambi, Belle, Simba and Nemo each have only one parent. In a study once given in my communication class, almost half the class's biggest fear when they were little was losing one or both of their parents. It seems like the Disney movies had a little impact. The background information behind all the single parent movies was Walt Disney actually only had one parent for the longest time. His mother died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a house he had bought for her only a few months early. He gave himself so much guilt and could never live off that moment. "Scar, who provoked the stampede to kill his brother and take over the lion kingdom, convinces Simba that he killed his father (Klass 713). As you can tell by that quote from the article, he took part of his life and shaped it into his movies.

The Review Perri Klass wrote put together a good thought. The guilt and death on screen may be upsetting for children, but not anywhere close to the movies today. Some parents do not even care what their children watch. Death, murders, and car accidents are all around us. I think it would be more traumatizing to see adults die on children movies, then animals. According to the article, " long as the emotions can be discussed, as long as the sad can be comforted and the frightened reassured," the children will be more comfortable about the subject(Klass 717). I agree if the child is scared, talk them, and let them know some of these incidents are not going to happen. This should calm the child down from the problems they see on movies.

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