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Essay Preview: Kindred

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I was walking around when I walked past Rufus' room. I knew that I didn't belong here but I couldn't help it. I was going to go in the room but I was scared. I look in the room and started thinking about me getting beat of I got caught. As I stared to walk away I heard something faint in the background. When the sound got stronger it was noticeable that they were voices, so I ran in to Rufus' room so I wasn't seen. The voices sounded like Tom and a woman I didn't know.

"I can't do it. That will make everything way more complicated then they should be. I really can't do it." Tom said in a worried expression.

"Its something you have to do. There's no way around it. If you don't then....." There voices started to drown as they got farther down the hall.

I was in the room so I just decided to snoop around. As I was looking throw Rufus's things I stumbled upon some letters that had been opened. I look at them and noticed that they were the letters that Dana had wrote to Kevin. I felt something pushing me to tell her that they were here. I was just about to leave the room but I was too close to Dana to not tell her that they were here. As I stand in front of the letters ready to take them all I can think about is someone catching me with them. After a minute I just took the letter and went to see Dana. I went down to the cook house and sow her cooking something.

"Hi Alice how are you doing." Dana said. "What do you have in your hand."

I handed her the letters and as she looked at them the expression on her face changed. It seemed like she was disappointed and that's when I know for sure that they were her letters to Kevin.

"Oh my god" Dana whispered

"Yours?", I said

"Yes.", she replied.



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