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accident in Pennsylvania on her way to a church retreat. She, Along with her aunt cousin, and friend, were hospitalized. While my girlfriend suffered a broken colar bone and bruised organs, her cousin made it out with scratches and bruises, her aunt and friend barely escaped paralyzation with her aunt's broken neck and her friends broken back. Ever since that car accident took place I've been a better and safer driver.

Every time I get into a car now, whether I'm driving or someone else is driving, I always buckle up my seatbelt. If someone is driving while intoxicated, I tell them, "DON'T DRIVE" or I'll drive them home myself, just because I don't want to hear about another accident with some that's close to me. The car accident has made me very cautious about my safety and others safety. I can't believe that sometimes I refused to wear a seatbelt, something as simple as just strapping a belt around your body can easily save your life. It really made me think about my way of driving.

Since the car accident my girlfriend was in, it made me be a better and cautious driver. My eyes are always open on the road now because of her. Now, before every turn I take I always look twice before I go. I keep my distance from cars in front of me and try not to get too close, while also keeping an eye on my speed. When it's raining out I go specially slow no matter how many cars are behind me. I'm not going to put my life in danger because people are in a rush. Every time the traffic light is yellow, I don't try to beat it, instead I start slowing down.

Now, I obey the rules of driving that are usually ignored by ignorant drivers, for example; I always use my turn signals, because an accident could happen easily if you forget to use your turn signal. Ever since the accident, I am a more patient driver when it comes to other drivers as well. Instead of rushing, I wait for other cars to pass



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