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Juvenile Death Penalty

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True Crime: Youth in America

Youth Crimes are being committed by Juveniles commonly

from 13-18 at an alarming rate. Some of these crimes are

caused with no purpose or reason for committing these

crimes. Reasons for this may range from just not caring to

there being something seriously wrong with the individual

or individuals. The services that are made to help stop

this issue are being taken away because of money debts and

other things related to that matter. Social Services are

available for minor offenders as well as for major

offenders. We need to understand why youth crimes are

increasing and what is the general cause of this problem.

||Teens end up in jail for major offenses which include

murder, armed robbery, and evading police, while more

serious crimes place teens on death row; however, there is

new hope for death row teens because of new legislation

that has changed the inmates future, as well as the United

States law as well as the American prison system.|| In

learning more about this topic also there will be examples

of real life events and what ties them to this topic of

youth crime.

Although the general youth crimes across the country

involve robbery, police chases and murder the actual crimes

in general are not known by the teens committing them.

Juveniles between the ages of thirteen and eighteen are

committing these crimes. There are many reasons mainly

because of issues and their young minds are not developed

well enough to understand that all for that

they are doing they could suffer serious consequences.

Typical youth crimes such as Murder, Robbery, Grand theft

Auto, Evasion of a Officer, Major things such as that are

being committed among our youth today. What triggers our

youth to do such things? There are various things which may

trigger normal youth to commit crimes. The history of a

family can be a predictor of violent crime committers. Some

evidence shows that genetics might account for as much as

50% to 70% of violent behavior. (More Violent Young

Offenders par 14) Early aggressive behavior in preschool

have been predictors of violent offenders. (Par 13) Bipolar

disorder often is a root cause of “criminal thinking”. (par

12) Bipolar disorder increases serious anti-social

behavior. They also lack solid reasoning. (par 12)

Therefore Suicidal and Homicidal actions are associated

with bipolar disorder. (par 12) Depression is also one of

the biggest reasons for youth crime. Not only is depression

socially contagious if increased, it also magnifies suicidal

action. (Par 6) Depressed adults pay less attention to good

behavior in youth and more attention to wrong behavior. In

doing this it shows that in the next generation there will

be an increase in outcomes for children like delinquency

and substance abuse. (More violent young offenders Par 6)

Depression involves dramatic gestures such as “suicide by

cop”. (par 11) This dangerous gesture is when the person

wants to

die and uses a way to have the police to kill them such as

commit a serious crime. (Par 11) Also There are

atmospheric things such as a neurotoxin in the air that is

from lead causes damage of brain functions. (Par 15) An

aggressive behavior and being homicidal is associated with

levels of air lead concentration. (Par 15)

For convicted teens and troubled youth, to prevent

crimes from happening or from ever happening again there

are services that are available to help these juveniles.

Services that are available are established to not only

help troubled students in the home, but also to help

troubled students at school also. Workers in different

agencies manage kids cases the same way, identifying

children with problems in schools. There are different

services that are created to do certain things among the

lives of the troubled youth. These Services are located all

over the country in urban areas as well as rural areas. They

are most commonly found in schools where children that are

either in their teens or their adolescence can get help

without anything happening to them. Examples of this in in




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