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Juvenile Court

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Juvenile Court is similar to a second chance when troubled minors have made a mistake lawfully. It gives juveniles a chance to correct their ways and become a good and successful adult. Minors have more rights than an adult has. They cannot be arrested or be questioned without a parent. Minors are even given special care if something is happening in the household. The government would help them find a better home so that they would not be in this position again. The cause of juveniles actions are the environment they were raised and live in. Juvenile court helps reduce crimes in the future when those minors turn into adults. It makes a different to correct these troubled minors because the future will be more safe if these minors are controlled at a young age and before it gets out of hand when they become adults. These courts are here to correct minors before it is too late and they are treated as adults. If a mistake is not corrected, minors will keep making trouble and more problems would occur because there are no one to teach them a lesson. As an adolescent, it is easier to teach and correct them because they have not fully matured but when they reach a certain age, they should be responsible for their own actions and be able to accept the consequences for their actions. There are three different kinds of juveniles: dependent, wayward and delinquents. Dependent juveniles should be put in juvenile hall because the crimes that they commit, are extreme and should be taken to an extreme level of punishment. Wayward juveniles should do time in juvenile hall and learn from their mistakes. Delinquent juveniles are a light type of individuals but are still considered serious but not to the extent of wayward and dependent juveniles.



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