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Jurasstic Park Horror Essay

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Jurasstic Park horror essay

Jurassic Park is one of the most famous movies created and has many renditions of the story but the genre of the film is the most complicated. This movie is about a park that was created for the newly created dinosaurs from the DNA of a frog and dinosaur blood carried by a mosquito. All seems well until a scientist tries to steal the DNA for his profit, but in his escape, he opens all the dinosaurs cages and turns off the whole system of the park, including the defense walls. I believe this is a horror movie because of the constant elements of horror used to shape the movie. For example, the thrilling elements of the movie are the music and the scenes of the dinosaurs attacking people. Another reason why Jurassic Park can be considered a horror movie is that the movie used an idea of dinosaurs that come back from the prehistoric time. The placement of the scenes and actions in the movie supports the horror genre.

Jurassic Park itself has many thrilling elements that a horror film contains, such as the scenes of the dinosaurs eating the people, the tense and dramatic music. In the movie, there is a scene where a scientist escapes with DNA of the dinosaurs. Throughout his effort to reach his buyer he becomes stuck in the mud. Eventually, as he is attempting to get out of the mud and storm he is confronted by a small but terrifying dinosaur. It plays and taunts with him as he is fearing for the worst. When he reaches the safety of his car the little dinosaur gives him a face full of poison which burns through his face and kills him. On another scene, a man runs from a T-Rex to the safety of a toilet stall. The T-rex easily destroys the hut and simply devours the man as he sits on the toilet. Throughout all of this, the music in the background creates a suspenseful and dramatic feeling to the watchers, making it seem more exciting and scary. All in all the movie creates a combination of scary scenes and suspenseful music to set the mood of a horror movie.

The reason why Jurassic Park should be a horror genre because they used something that was once alive and real into a horror movie. In prehistoric reality, dinosaurs were a real living animal that ruled the planet. But now that their gone is as humans we think we're always safe from those kinds of things, but movies like Jurassic Park, that bring a scary animal of the past makes us thinking that what if they came back. This may seem like an impossible thought but scientist today have been discovering new creations and information every day. In other words, if we were to think to about dinosaurs coming back to take their land back we would be terrified and most wouldn't survive. So movies like Jurassic Park and other horrors reality-based movies make is scared to think that if the movie was actually real life, we would be in a great devastation



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