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From the Forums Friday 2008-04-18


18With Garmin’s unfortunately named “2009вЂÑ- maps becoming available many users are wondering how to check their map version. ContinueвЂ"> From the Forums Friday 2008-04-18

Enkin - GPS for Google’s Android


15Google’s Android Project (an operating system platform for mobile devices) promises some unique applications for mobile devices. A logical application is to take the data Google offers through their maps, street view data, and business directories and create a graphically rich GPS application for Android based mobile phones. That is what Enkin is working on now. Check out the following video. ContinueвЂ"> Enkin - GPS for Google’s Android

TomTom 930


14The TomTom 930 will soon make its way to stores in North America. With flagship new features of Active Lane Guidance, Static Intersection Images, and IQ Routes we were excited to put a few hundred miles of testing the TomTom 930 over the last few days. Will the 930 be finding its way into a car near you? ContinueвЂ"> TomTom 930

From the Forums Friday 2008-04-11


11Lots going on this week with new product developments to talk about next week. As for this past week, here is the best of the forums. ContinueвЂ"> From the Forums Friday 2008-04-11

GPS Mileage Tracker


11It is the thick of tax season which leaves a lot of people wondering if they remembered to record the mileage of all their deductible miles. If you



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