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Julius Ceaser

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Brutus has been nominated as a better candidate for the throne of Rome. Brutus will be a good king because he is known as the noblest Roman in Rome and second of all he is known as a good guy. He has been mislead by forged letters from Cassius, but in reality he is a far better ruler than Caesar.

Throughout the beginning of the play, Brutus displays magnetism and maturity. Brutus is known as the good guy because unlike Caesar, he cares about the citizens in the Rome. (Act5, Scene5, Line71). All of Caesar's friends who want to be king are very selfish, and they don't want Caesar to have all the glory. Caesar was more concerned on how he could become a better king. Cassius wants Brutus to become king because Caesar has a sickness and he knows that Caesar will not live that long, might as well have Brutus for king. Brutus was a perfect example of how a good king should be, and also showing how much he cared about Rome.

Everybody in Rome respects Brutus because he is a noble Roman. The only way you can become king in Rome is if you are rich and the people must love you. Brutus was Caesar's best friend. He was mostly known from Caesar. Brutus does not want any harm for Caesar, but all of the other nobles did. They wanted Caesar to die and get him out of the way. Brutus must be the only noble who doesn't think that badly as the others. "That tongue of his that bade the Romans mark him and writes his speeches in their books..." (Act1, Scene2, Line125). Brutus, at the hour of his death, was called the noblest man in Rome. (Act5, Scene5, Line68). He earned that title by giving his all to make Rome a better empire. He didn't want Caesar as king of Rome because he knew that Caesar would be the reason behind the downfall of Rome.

In the end, Caesar came out to be like all the other noble Romans who just think bout themselves. Brutus has all the characteristics of a true leader. Brutus



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