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Julius Caesar Comparing To A Politcal Leader

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Essay Preview: Julius Caesar Comparing To A Politcal Leader

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Leaders now and in the past have dealt with the same problem. Some leaders in the world are to me-orientated, while other focus on the needs of the people. In the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare the leaders had poor judgment lead to their downfall. Many characters in the play share that faulty flaw. Even though these people are influential they still could be penalized for their actions. Also their honor or the high status people give them could lead to them making rash decisions and untimely their death. Many say Brutus was a victim of his own honor. This was true because Brutus constantly put people before his own wellbeing.

In life there are those who are considered honorable. Even thought it’s good to have a trustworthy person in your presence it can also lead to that person’s downfall. Even an honorable person can ruin the lives of the people. In the play William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar the main person who was a victim of his honor was Brutus. Brutus was one of the several people in the play who had this trait and was a victim of it. Brutus was always looking out for the best interest of others. That may be good quality people want for a leader, but in reality the people doing it will have to deal with the consequences. In the play join the conspiracy for the best interest of the people and he thought that was the reason the others joined but he was wrong. Brutus was to naÐ"Їve to see that they weren’t. Also at Caesar funeral he underestimated Anthony he didn’t think Anthony would tell because he told him not to. Brutus believes everybody is honorable just like him and when they something he could trust them entirely. Which lead to the people hating him and him needing to kill himself. Brutus had a need to look out for others but, failed to look out for himself.

Not only in the play Julius Caesar people are the victims of their own honor. In present day United States this also happens. Michiko Katuani from New York Times thinks our very own leader is a victim of his own honor. He believes President Bush is a great example for a victim of his own honor (New York Times, 2005). In the article Bush was portrayed as impatient wanting fast results for his plans. Even thought he is looking out for the best interest of the American public, he does it in the wrong way. The president constantly gets negative feedback for his plans to help the public. It can lead people to believe



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