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Judge Selection Based on the Different Court Systems

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Judge Selection based on The Different Court systems



The selection of judges depends on the type of court and there are a few different types of courts starting with The Federal Judicial System, which is separated into two groups, Article I and Article III. The courts in Article III are general trial courts that try federal cases in federal trial courts, appellate courts, and the Supreme Court (, 2017). These judges are appointed by the President of United States and are confirmed by the Senate, remaining in their positions for a life term if they so choose. The Judges of the court of appeals are handpicked by the President from the advice of attorney general, chief of staff, and other legal advisers. While district judges, Judges of the Tax Court and Court of claims are elected by the President with the advice from personnel of the IRS. The US Magistrates and District judges are appointed by the President in consultation with Senior Senators of the area (, 2017). The Judges of Supreme Court are nominated by the President based on professional merit, ideological compatibility and political support however, the Senate has the authority to consent or reject the appointees.

Article I courts were created by Congress to regulate the laws that Congress writes. Article I courts that are created by Congress include but are not limited to, bankruptcy courts, tax courts, and certain military courts. Their Judges are picked by Congress to serve for a term of 10 years, with reappoint as an option at the end of their term.

The way state court judges are selected differs by state. Some states judges are appointed by the legislature of the state, with the consent of Governor (, 2017). There is also the merit based appointment which is based on the



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