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Joy Luck Club

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Essay Preview: Joy Luck Club

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Joy Luck Club

Joy Luck club teaches us to really appreciate our family. Without our family we have

nothing. Our family may seem weird and annoying but all they are doing is just trying to help you.

One part from Joy Luck Club really proves this theory and it is between June and her mother. They

show that the parents are always right and want the best for their children so they can grow up and

be successful adults with great families.

June and her mother always seemed to argue with each other and many different things. For

example her mother kept telling to practice the piano but June didn’t want to. Also for example

June’s mother kept telling her to study and work hard but June didn’t live up to her mother’s

expectations. After June’s mother passed away June realized what her mother has been trying to tell

her all these years. She realized hat all her mother wanted her to do was try and make a better life for

her child. June then regretted all that she has not done. She wished she can go back and do what her

mother had told her but not out of guilt but to make a better life for herself.

In conclusion, from Joy Luck Club we see the lesson of always having to trust our parents.

They know what is best for us. They just want to help and



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