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Johnny The Outsider A Critical Response

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Essay Preview: Johnny The Outsider A Critical Response

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S.E. Hinton shows positive change in The Outsiders novel through the character of Johnny, by showing how a hoodlum became a hero.

For example at the beginning of the novel Johnny was afraid, this is shown by the quote "Johnny was scared of his own shadow after that" [Pg 4]. Johnny was always afraid because of his experiences with his parents & the socs. The quote also indicates that he needs to stand up for himself to deal with the people in his life. Another example of change is how Johnny is extremely quiet at the start of the book this is shown by "I knew Johnny wouldn't open his mouth unless he was forced to."[Pg 14] This furthers Johnny's quietness because it demonstrates that he never opens his mouth unless it is absolutely necessary.

In the middle of the novel Johnny is shown as more responsible through the quote "we're going back to turn ourselves in" [Pg 87] Johnny's statement shows that he takes responsibility for own actions; it also shows that he is not afraid of the consequences for his deeds. Also in the middle of the novel Johnny is shown as being brave through the quote ""Hey Ponyboy!" I hadn't realized Johnny had been right behind me all the way."[Pg 91] This shows that Johnny will follow you to the ends of the earth just to help out a friend. It also demonstrates that he is willing to risk his own life to save someone else's.

Near the end of the novel Johnny is expressed as being humorous by the reference ""They treating you okay kid?" "Don't - Johnny gasped, don't let me put enough grease in my hair."" This shows that he is trying to have a good outlook on life even though he is slowly dying. The quote also shows that Johnny wants to make his friends feel better even though he, himself is in pain. At the end of the book Johnny



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