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Johnny Got His Gun

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When you think about it, no one likes war it is a horrible thing. The book Johnny Got his Gun defiantly proved that point, in the sense that it can leave you as a helpless human, or even kill you. If you win a war the outcome of it may be good for you but just think if you are in the position where you may not be able to move talk or even know if you are awake or asleep because your whole face has been ripped off by the shrapnel of the apposing enemy. If that isn't torture than I don't know what is! After reading Johnny Got his Gun, you will see the downside to the war and not just the great outcome that the public hears. Johnny Got his Gun should be read by all so they can once see the horrible part of war.

You wouldn't know it but the government hides the brutality of war very well. For instance in Johnny Got his Gun he really wanted to show the public what it was like to be a victim of the war. To do this he uses Morse code with his head to communicate to the nurse to tell them that he wants to show the public his body and what war does, but the nurses can't because it is against the regulations of the government because they don't want people to feel bad for him and get mad at the government for forcing him into the war through the draft. This is just one reason there are many other reasons why we should try to prevent war as much as possible.

Johnny Got his Gun really brings you into the shoes of what it would be like to be a helpless war victim knowing that the rest of your life is destroyed due to war casualties. Getting the rest of your life destroyed for something you didn't want to do in the first place just seem really out of place for our society today. The hardships that he goes through seems like hell, not knowing if you are asleep or awake, not being able to move at all, barely begin able to breath, not begin able to drink or eat, and most of all wanting to kill yourself just because you



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