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John F. Kennedy

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John F. Kenny was the 35th president to be sworn into presidency, In January of 1961. Kennedy was a war hero and a popular senator before his presidency. He saw a void in the government. John also wanted to see an outcome that had never happened before, meaning some of the things he stood for. This was a classic case of cause and effect. He stood for many issues. He stood for making problems better he didn't believe failure. He understood the fact that America had the power to change if everyone worked together. In his inaugural address was highly patriotic and a allusive speech. Kennedy had a vision. This vision would lead him to presidency. For this very reason the American people put him into office .He wanted to make things better for Americans, he believed strong in foreign policy, and he wanted to address issues that where bringing America down.

When Kennedy came into office America as a whole was falling. But he didn't just think about America he thought about the world. There was talk of communism and spies. Kennedy over looked this and looked at the real problems. He spoke of many people' in his address. He addressed some of it to people in huts and villages who were struggling to break the bonds of misery. He said, " If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich". When president Kennedy directed the speech to the sister republics south of the border he stated we will offer a special pledge to convert our good words into good deeds. This was all in efforts to cast the chains of f of poverty.

One-thing lot of people admired about him was that he was not selfish. Part of his speech was addressed to the world assembly of sovereign states. He planned

to look to the United Nations for help. He thought that that was he last resort of help to make the world better. He saw that we were in an age where instruments of war had outpaced the instruments of peace. Not only did he talk about peace, he talked about those countries that were not going to give in and become apart of the solution to make the world



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