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Your December Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your home life will be such a strong focus and it might become your driving obsession, especially after December 20. If you have been hoping to buy or sell your home, fix up property, or redecorate, give your dream plan a determined push, because in a month where nothing will be impossible, you are likely to love the results.

With SIX planets stacking up in your home sector, if you aren't renovating, moving, fixing, reorganizing, or landscaping in December, you may be fluffing up pillows in your spare room for guests. As a Virgo, you are a welcoming; hospitable host because you are so talented at anticipating your guests' every need, even before your guests know what they want!

Last month Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, entered your fourth house of home for the first time since 1995, and this generous planet will remain in this part of your chart until December 17, 2007. This is significant because this is where your best luck will be centered. This month is special because Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Venus, the Sun, and new moon will, all at certain points of the month, be centered on this part of your chart.

If you haven't been able to sell your house, or if your landlord is asking tenants to move out because he sold the apartment building, knowing that you now have Jupiter helping you should be a comfort. Jupiter brings miracles, so even though you may not have a solution yet, and worry that you are in a tight spot - your chart suggests a very happy outcome. In fact, I would suggest you not settle for anything less than an ideal situation! You will encounter many possibilities, but chances are, you'll feel only one is right for you. If you've already found your answer, then move ahead with vigor.

One young Virgo I know was under stress because he had just divorced and had to change the title on his house. The deal was to be complicated, so he feared he would not be able to comply with the court's requests that the house situation be settled in short order. He got help in the eleventh hour yesterday - and you will, too.

In another case, last year I advised a friend to turn down an expensive Manhattan apartment. She was reluctant to do so because it was so hard to find in the first place. I knew she could do better because she had your kind of aspects at the time. She listened to me and lo and behold, two months later she found a much larger sunny space that also offered a view and many spacious closets. The new apartment was located in a choice spot, just around the corner from the first location and cost the same as the small cramped space she had turned down.

My friend didn't think such luck was possible - but of course, Jupiter was helping her, as this planet will be working hard for you too from now on. This "against all odds" type of help is why I don't want you to settle for anything less than the best - certainly not in December!

Although you will have Jupiter's help throughout 2007, you will have extra help this month, because so many of the planets have planned a surprise party for Jupiter, on the agenda for December 20. On that date, the majestic new moon will make her entrance, and will tie all the energy of the other planets into one big package.

In attendance at this gorgeous cosmic celebration will be Jupiter (luck, including financial expansion and profit), Pluto (transformations), Mars (actions), Mercury (news, contracts, important documents), the Sun (favor from authority figures), and as mentioned, the new moon (mistress of ceremonies). Venus is invited, too, and will make an appearance until December 11. Venus will have to leave early to do important work in your true love sector (more about THAT later). You haven't had this level of energy in your home sector for years, if ever before!

Neptune can't come to the party as Neptune will be busy working in your health sector, but will send a gift of inspiration. Saturn will be preoccupied too, but will also FedEx a gift - his specialty, the gift of stability and longevity. Can you believe all this? Saturn's participation is particularly comforting, for this planet denotes you may get eleventh hour help from an older person, most likely a dear, male friend.

The fourth house also covers your family, so if you need family support it should be there for you. Your parents may help you with a down payment if you need a little more or supply helpful advice if you are on the horns of a dilemma. If you have been worried about the welfare of one of your parents, the arrival of all these planets in this part of your chart is excellent news - you'll see an improvement almost immediately.

The one person in your life who won't be helpful will be your partner, and I am sorry to have to deliver this news. This person may be a romantic partner, or a collaborator, such as your broker. Or, it may be a soon-to-be ex. As you read this, you probably have an inkling of which person this might be, as this person has probably given you difficulties in the past. You will be sad to see this person work at cross-purposes to you, and by December 21, you may have a complete meltdown. It's a hot, difficult day, due to an angry angle of Mars to Uranus. See how you feel - it appears they'll be no way to contain your anger.

Planets in Sagittarius are not exactly easy for you to blend with, so there will be much tension this month, but be philosophical, for you will also make a great deal of progress. It seems you won't be able to have one without the other, so simply shrug and take things as they come, dear Virgo.

This same aspect, coming on December 21, may affect you instead in a physical way, if no conflict seems likely. You could go flying over an extension cord that you didn't see and hurt your foot, so be careful. Uranus is in Pisces, which is why I feel your feet need to be protected. There are many possibilities, but you get the idea - December 21 is a touchy day to watch.

Your career may bring big news at the full moon, December 4. Falling in Gemini, a career matter of importance is about to come to a grand culmination. Perhaps you'll hear back about a promotion you've been interviewing for and be offered the job! It's alternatively possible that you will be a guest on a major TV show, be given an award, or be shown other special recognition.

You may consider relocating to take advantage of a job offer, or you may need to filter your family's needs before you accept the position. There seems to be some sort of interplay between work and home at this full moon, especially considering the powerful emphasis on home and family in your chart this year.

One excellent



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