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Johari Window

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The Open Self

The information about yourself that you and others know.

The impression that others have toward you.

I’m open to most of the people that I feel comfortable to be around with especially my close friends and family. From gathered information, I can clearly conclude that these facts below make up my Open Self:

. A calm and logical person (both me and people around me know that I don’t panic easily. I calmly resolve any problem I have with other people. I talk logically about everything and some people don’t like that).

. Friendly and adaptable (I believe that the more friendly you are, the less enemy you make. It is like the theory “survival of the fittest”; you have to adapt to survive. So, I try to be friendly with everybody around me as much as possible and try to let them to know that I am friendly).

. Carefree (I don’t usually worry a lot, friends and family say that I’m too relaxed. I live my life with the saying “what will be, will be”)

. Ambitious (I often share my ambitions with closes friends and family members because they might be able to help me to archive it).

I’m only open to friends, girlfriend and family members because I know that they won’t cause me any harm. There is one exception: I’m friendly to everybody.

The Blind Self

The information about yourself that other people know but you don’t.

Recently, a classmate told me that I’m not a talk active type of person. I never knew that. I’m just being myself, I only talk when needed.

Not to long ago, a high school friend told me that I have a nice facial complexion. That greatly boosted my ego. I never thought I could be attractive to someone.



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