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Johann Sebastian Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach, born in 1685 in Eisenach, needed a window to open him up new horizons, a catalyst that could help him develop his mature style. After having worked in some minor cities, Weimar became the window, Vivaldi and the style of the Tialisan modem concert eh catalyst. Bach worked there as choirmaster and organist from 1708 to 1717. Afterwards, from 1717 to 1723, he moved to Kothen, situated one hundred kilometers north of Weimar. The city was the residence of the Prince of Anhalt-Kothen since 1603. In BachÐŽ¦s time, Prince Leopold was a good violinist, gambist, cellist and bass singer. Bach after called her an ÐŽ§amusaЎЁ. Half a year after his marriage, Prince Leopold died and Bach soon moved to Leipzig ÐŽV a change not easily made, Bach was not the first choice for the cityÐŽ¦s officials for whom he was to work the following 26 years until his death.

BachÐŽ¦s development as a composer was divided into three stylistic periods: the years of apprenticeship until 1737, the years as a master until 1739/40, and the years of completion until his death in the year 1750. Until 1713, Bach wrote above all works for organ, piano and a ÐŽ§a few cantatasЎЁ. In the second stylistic period in Weimar, he was influenced by modern Italian music, especially the concerto. Clear melodic characteristics, concise rhythm, a new feeling for tonality and its background, especially the importance of cadences resulted from the encounter with Italian music. Bach mixed it with the sobriety of the Lutheran choral, with the rich middle part movement and the preference of Northern countries for counter pints. The result was distinctive, individual style that could apply to all musical genres. In his later work, Bach was ÐŽV like Beethoven ÐŽV able to go ÐŽ§beyond human consciousness.ЎЁ.

In his comparison between the great masters of later baroque, Handel and Bach had only a few thins in common. Handel



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