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Joggers Universe

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Case Study#2 Pg 680 Healthy Foods Inc.

1. I would have to advise him to outsource the canning and packaging process or convert a percentage of the plants to packaging only, but the bottom line would be to consolidate the plants.

2. The multi-product line policy. I would advise him to perform survey's and conduct sales data and kind out what his top selling products are and what are his worst selling products. His motto of canning or freezing any product that WE might THINK the consumer MIGHT want, is insane. Words like "might" and "think" combined with "we" spell wasted effort to me. Do some demographics on the region that you plan to target. You'll want to know the population's make-up in terms of age, gender, income level, occupation, education and family circumstances (married, single, retired and so on).

3. Line-forcing policy. Need to get rid of it, it represents wasted shelf space, that could be better utilized with a product that will move, this goes back to item number two, if it is not selling, a retailer is not going to want to give up the shelf space.

4. Design an integrated marketing program designed to educate consumers on the benefits of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables every day Healthy Foods Inc. should identify as precisely as possible who the main consumers will be, where they are located and how they buy their foods. When this information is added to that about the quality and price that consumers expect, the result is known as the marketing mix which is identified by the "4P's" - Product, Place, Promotion and Price. Using this information, Healthy Foods Inc. can then refine their product to meet customers' needs and develop a strategy to market their products to the particular segments that they believe will provide the greatest sales. This involves creating a product with the characteristics of flavor, size, appearance etc. required by the customers, developing a suitable and attractive package (see below), negotiating with wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and restaurant owners designing and distributing promotional materials and finally producing and supplying



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