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Job Study On The Australian Air Force

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Training and Advancement

1. Are there any educational or other qualifications your employer would expect for the job you are doing?

Following appointment as an Officer in the Air Force, you'll undergo an Initial Officer Course (IOC) at the Officer Training School, RAAF Base Williams (Point Cook) 20 km south west of Melbourne, Victoria. This course aims to teach you the leadership skills needed to become an Air Force Officer.

The course is a combination of theory and practical training. While leadership forms the core of your training, the major elements of the course are designed to introduce you to military life, Air Force values and attitudes, personal development, organisational management, communication skills, general and specific military skills, security, drill and Air Force operations studies.

Not only will you be taught Air Force specific subjects, but you'll also take part in a wide variety of subjects such as ground defence training, where you'll be taught weapons handling, field craft, communications, defences, patrolling, various types of warfare and the Rules of Engagement. A reasonable level of fitness is required for entry, however any active person who spends some of their time exercising or playing competitive sport should not have difficulty meeting the standards.

2. Would you have to do a special course of study?

An Australian Defence Force Careers Adviser says that officer applicants must demonstrate excellent leadership, management, organisational and communication skills, and be highly disciplined and fit. Everyone who completes officer training is guaranteed a job in the RAAF. Due to the high level of training that is involved, a minimum service period of 6 to 12 years is required.

During training, ADFA first year cadets earn about $16,000, which increases to $25,000 in the fourth year. Once fully qualified, salaries range from $40,270 up to $63,249. Airforce pilots and navigators are entitled to a flying allowance, which is based on years of qualified flying service and is added to the base salary. The starting salary for direct entry officer cadets (non degree qualified) is $23,692 and $25,185 for qualified officers.

Options For Potential Officers

There are two pathways you can take to become an officer in the RAAF. You can go into the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) as a University level entrant, but you must have completed Year 12 and be between the age of 17 and 26.

Not only are you paid to study at ADFA, but also you are immediately employed as an officer in the RAAF.

ADFA, a College of the University of New South Wales, boasts of one of the best student/teacher ratios in Australia and as a student, you will have access to the most advanced technologies and facilities on campus. But it is not all about study. You will also be dedicated to military and fitness training.

Engineering, science, arts and technology degrees



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