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Job Satisfaction

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Job Satisfaction

The organization I am proud to work for is Regions Bank. What is so great about this organization is I work in an industry that actively promotes wellness and puts people first. In fact, my organization is so big on putting people first that they adopted this as part of their "right way principles". The right way principles they have instilled are strongly enforced by the company.

Right Way Principles:

Do what is right.

Put people first.

Reach higher.

Focus on your customer.

Enjoy life.

Make life better.

Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to follow these ideas the company has come up with, but they always do their part to make sure we are enjoying what we do. According to them, even if that means expensing green apples to sit in the lobby as treats for our customers, or even an employee appreciation luncheon. While that may be ten dollars here and there, if each of our 1200 branches are doing the same thing, this could cost hundred thousand dollars just to ensure happiness. That should say a lot about a

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company willing to expense a few dollars to see their employees and customers smile.

Motivation is not something Regions struggles with very much. Most employees are proud to work for a company that appreciates them as an employee and shows that value is indeed important. And with a happy employee, productivity follows its course. According to the text, motivation alone can surpass constraints in place of productivity. (Jex p. 11)

As an employee of Regions Bank I find motivation in my performance because I want to excel to the next level. I am excited about growing and becoming in a new position that requires a new level of thinking and challenges. Once I have mastered my current position inside and out then I feel I am ready for the step towards managing. The one distracting part of this is most people will not promote to managing levels without having prior managing experience. So it is motivating to work for a company that recognizes the road block, and helps you work around it. Most companies offer management in training programs to help guide employees on the right path.

To keep others motivated on my team I am always using positive reinforcement. That is the basic of coaching a team and can not be ignored because it is truly essential. Recognition always makes someone feel special. I have worked my way up through the ladder in the banking industry so I always refer back to my days when I used to be rewarded for my actions and I loved it. I use the same situations from the past now in my current position. I definitely have learned from each role that



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