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Job Apllication Letter

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Ð'- Support Analyst: Retail Credit Support

Dear Recruitment Manager:

I have currently completed my final year of study doing a Bachelor of. I'm applying for the graduate Support Analyst position within the Retail Credit Support Department. Being an Information Systems graduate I believe my skills would be ideal for the position and organisation.

Through my studies I have completed several projects as a team leader that involved working in large groups. The least was to develop a database system and interactive system for the Community Legal Centre as part of a full year project. My responsibilities included coding, documentation, testing and general project management. Along with this I have participated in Ð''Open Day 2002-03'.

While studying, I further developed my business and information technology experience by participating in various roles, namely my current employment within the N gaining experience as a customer service representative for personal and business customers, my voluntary 4 month term as a technical consultant and web developer at, and five years spent managing the family business. In each of the employment environments I gained a great amount of professional business acumen including working as part of teams in a diverse atmosphere and knowledge of the latest technologies in IT &T.

Lastly, my particular strengths lie in being a fast learner, pro-active, sociable and organised. I am not afraid of hard work and motivated to face new and different challenges. By gaining entry into the, I will strive to not only integrate these strengths but also broaden my skills and knowledge base. As my current employment is within a large financial institution I believe my skills and knowledge in the field would complement the role and allow me to further my skills.




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