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Jfk and His Assassination Conspiracy

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Essay Preview: Jfk and His Assassination Conspiracy

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Did the CIA aid in the assassination of JFK?

On November 22, 1963 an event occurred in Dallas, Texas that sent shockwaves through the nation. Then-president John F. Kennedy was shot while riding through the town, campaigning. Within two hours of the murder of JFK, the proposed “gunman”, Lee Harvey Oswald, was shot down and arrested. He was originally arrested for the murder of a Dallas police officer, Tippit, but then later was charged with the murder of JFK. Oswald was on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building where he fired off three shell castings (8 Things). These shots are said to have killed JFK. However, this is not true. Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in the assassination of JFK; he had help from the CIA. The bullets that were in Kennedy did not line up with Oswald’s shooting location. Kennedy had a strange relationship with the Mafia. This, among other reasons, were why the CIA and Kennedy were not seeing eye to eye.

The single-bullet theory (or magic-bullet theory) was said to cause all of the wounds to the governor and the non-fatal wounds to the president (seven entry/exit wounds in total). If this were true, this bullet were to of passed through fifteen layers of clothing, seven layers of skin, approximately fifteen inches of tissue, struck a necktie knot, removed four inches of rib, and shattered a radius bone. The path of this bullet were to of made a straight line and then abruptly change direction, then change again, and then continue going in a zig-zag pattern until it shot the governor. In 1979, the House of Representatives stated that it agreed with the single-bullet theory. However, the bullet that killed Kennedy came from the back; the opposite way the Oswald was shooting. There were multiple shots to Kennedy from different directions. The autopsy of Kennedy was incomplete (JFK Murder Solved). His body was illegally taken from Parkland Hospital and flown back to Bethesda where doctors, who had rarely completed an autopsy, did one on the president in front of superiors. When Parkland Hospital doctors called Bethesda to explore the throat wound for a bullet, it did not take place. There was a wound entry of the head (near the temple), and a wound entry in the throat, and one in the back. An officer, McClelland, was less than eighteen inches away from the president’s head for a good seven to eight minutes before JFK was assassinated. Enough space for the officer to also shoot Kennedy (JFK Murder Solved).

Kennedy has a background with the mafia. The Kennedy family were members of the “elite” (players in international high finance circles) since the early days of Joseph Kennedy. John F. Kennedy was elected to office through monetary power and with the help of the Mafia. Without the total support of the “elite”, he would have not become president. JFK and his brother Robert attacked organized crime in an effort to expose the Mafia to the public and restrict its power. JFK and Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana shared the same mistress, Judith Campbell Exner. Giancana helped JFK win the election in Illinois and on the east coast (CIA and JFK).

Kennedy and the CIA do not always agree. JFK at the last minute refused to let the CIA and American



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