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Jeffrey Dahomey: The Milwaukee Cannibal

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Essay Preview: Jeffrey Dahomey: The Milwaukee Cannibal

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Jeffrey Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal was one of America’s most infamous, biggest serial killers. He was not only a serial killer, he was a sex offender as well. Dahmer was a dangerous person who committed rape, murder, dismemberment, necrophilia, and dismemberment in his murders. Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960 in West Allis, Wisconsin. In between the years of 1978 and 1991, Dahmer murdered 17 boys and males. He was beaten to death on November 28, 1994 by an inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution, where he had been incarcerated.

Dahmer’s childhood was pretty normal. As he got older, he became withdrawn and uncommunicative. Dahmer had shown no interest in hobbies or social interaction around the ages of 10 to15 years-old. He had the unusual interest of dead animals. Jeffrey Dahmer went to Revere High School. He began drinking heavily during his years in high school. His drinking became a huge problem after graduating from high school in 1978. It was just three weeks later that the 18-year-old committed his first murder. Due to his parents’ unfolding divorce that summer, Jeffrey was left in the family home alone. He seized the opportunity to act on the dark thoughts that had been growing in his mind. He picked up a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks and offered to take him back to his father’s house to drink beer. But when Hicks decided to leave, Dahmer hit him in the back of the head with a 10 lb. dumbbell. Dahmer then dissected, dissolved, pulverized, and scattered the now imperceptible remains throughout his backyard, and later admitted to killing him simply because he wanted Hicks to stay.

Dahmer’s alcohol problem caused a other issues (don’t use problems twice in one sentence) few problems. Jeffrey attended Ohio State University, and after one quarter term he dropped out due alcoholism. Jeffrey's father made him enlist in the army after, where he was a combat medic in Germany from 1979 to 1981. He did not quit of his habit of drinking so he was discharged. Following his discharge, Dahmer returned home to Ohio. An arrest later that year for disorderly conduct prompted his father to send Dahmer to live with his grandmother in Wisconsin. Since then his behavior became very strange. His grandmother, Catherine Dahmer started finding disturbing things in her home. Some of these things include a .357 magnum under his bed. Dahmer’s alcohol problem continued and he was arrested the following summer for indecent exposure. He was arrested once again in 1986 for the same crime and received a one-year probationary sentence.

Nine years passed before he killed again. Dahmer’s second victim was Steven Tuomi, and he was killed in September of 1987. Dahmer picked him up from a bar and took him back to a hotel room, where he woke up the next morning to Tuomi’s beaten dead body. He later stated that he had no memory of actually murdering Tuomi, implying that he had committed the crime on some sort of blacked out impulse. Jeffrey Dahmer’s killings happened occasionally after Steven Tuomi. He had another two victims in 1988. After Dahmer killed another two victims, his grandmother forced him to move out of her premises in. He continued to lure unsuspecting men from bars or solicited prostitutes, whom he then drugged, raped, and strangled. At this point though, Dahmer also began carrying out particularly disturbing acts with their corpses, continuing to use the bodies for intercourse, taking photographs of the dismemberment process, preserving with scientific precision his victims’ skulls and genitals for display, and even retaining parts for consumption.

Dahmer was arrested for an incident at his job at the Ambrosia Chocolate Factory, where he drugged and sexually fondled a 13-year-old boy. At his trial for child molestation in May 1989, Dahmer was the model of contrition, arguing eloquently, in his own defense, about how he had seen the error of his ways, and that his arrest marked a turning point in his life. His defense counsel argued that he needed treatment, not incarceration, and the judge agreed, handing down a one-year prison sentence on "day release" — allowing Dahmer to work at his job during the day and return to the prison at night. For this he was given a sentence of five years’ probation, one year at a work release camp, and was required to register as a sex offender. He was released two months early from the work program and subsequently moved into a Milwaukee apartment in May of 1990. There, despite regular appointments with his probation officer, he would remain free to commit four murders that year and eight more in 1991.

On May 27, 1991, Dahmer's neighbor Sandra Smith called the police to report that an Asian boy was running naked in the street. When



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