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Jazz, Jive, And Jam

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In the story by Langston Hughes named Jazz, Jive, and Jam we see that the main conflict in this story is that Jesse B, Semple one of our characters if not the main one doesn't quite like his wife's idea of going to interracial seminars, according to him they are very boring he explains how one seminar was like three days, and how he would have to leave and smoke and have a drink just so he wouldn't get so bored, he even says that his wife was falling asleep that the only reason why she didn't fall asleep during the seminar was because she was too busy looking for him. He believes that they should play some jam and jazz to help the integration of races. He says at one point "With a jazz band, they could work out integration in ten minutes. Everybody would have been dancing together like they all did at the Savoy-Colored and white-or down on the East Side at them Casinos on Friday night where jam holds forth-and we would have been integrated. In conclusion after he tells his wife how jazz would help the seminar, he is asked what his wife Joyce said to that, he just replies saying, "Joyce just thought I was high". I feel bad for Jesse just because I think that he has a idea and then just gets put down by his wife who just believes that he is just talking nonsense when in reality that might just work.



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