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Island Of The Blue Dolphins

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Freak the Mighty

Have you ever felt as if you were an outcast? I mean totally different from everyone else. Well if you have I should tell you you're not alone. In this book report I will tell you about two outcasts that unite as one and make an amazing individual.

In the book Freak the Mighty two young boys have no friends for totally opposite reasons become best friends. Freak a physically challenged boy has been made fun of his whole life for being small and abnormally smart. But on the other hand there is Max who has been teased because of some Choices made by his father. Can you believe that? Kids were making fun of him because of his father's mistakes.

The setting was in your average town and in a normal neighborhood. Max lived with his grandparents and his next door neighbor was well Freak. Where Max would sleep is what was weird because in was in a dark basement that he referred to as the underworld.

Max and Freak beat the odds. They became stronger and wiser as they became one. Once Max and freak became "Freak the Mighty" they were inseparable. And well once they had the respect of others they just became more and brighter as people.

Theme of this story was simple the author wanted you the reader to know that having friends can make all the difference on your point of view or the way you act. I mean look at the difference between Freak before he had max he was a loner who hated everything but now he has an appertain for everything.

Mr. Philbrick's craft is his voice you can tell that he is writing in second person. He can have you believing it is someone else telling the story in the end he is all like I wrote a book and who knows it might even be read be a few people. No big deal. So he had you thinking the whole time.




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