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Ishmaels expertise is, fittingly enough, captivity. Exactly what the concept of captivity as to do with the course of human evolution is not immediately obvious, but it quickly becomes clear. Quinn dint want to jump right into it from the get co, he wanted to allow the reader to take the time to slowly absorb it.

Us humans associate ourselves with a number of characterisitcs: “independent”, “productive,” “advanced” and intelligent” to name a few. However captive is somewhat questionable. Captivity is for animals, or at most for the “less advanced” nomadic tribes who are dependent on their environment for food and shelter.

As many see it, during this industrial age, we are not at the mercy of anything or anyone. If we want food, we simply go to the store and purchase vegetables that we have grown or meat from animals that we have raised. If we need shelter from an approaching storm, we take cover in one of the weatherproofed, heated homes that we have built. Nothing can touch us, as we are capable of providing for ourselves and growing without limit. Opportunites are endless, and there is no end to what our incredibly intelligent, productive and self-supporting civilization can accomplish.

Really is there? Many people do have endless opportunites but there are still many people who do not have the lasure to go to store and buy vegetables or meat they need. particularly in recent years, evidence has been piling u ht our indistural cibilzation is not exactly living in a bubble. At first it was global warming due to the destruction of the ozone, then came the lists of species that had become endangered or extinct due to our control of land, and most recently its been the energy crisis. However, the current incarnation of humanity comes with strings attached. It might all be too easy to continue to sail along with



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