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Is This the Right Dream?

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Jack Lonneman

Chris Koslowski

English 102.014

06 September 2017

Is This the Right Dream?

1. Shaw, Adam. "Left-Wing Activists Protest Trump's DACA Decision in New York, Washington

D.C." Breitbart, Breitbart News Network, 5 Sept. 2017,

2. Shapiro, Ben. "Trump Unveils Strategy On Killing Obama's Executive Amnesty. It Doesn't Do

The Trick." Daily Wire, The Daily Wire, 5 Sept. 2017,

Mr. Adam Shaw provides a great basis for authority as he has held positions working for multiple large news organizations, such as the BBC and Fox News. He has tackled a spread of topics, ranging from American to British politics, as he resides in Britain. He is currently hired by Breitbart News to report on current news stories, but more specifically stories pertaining to the United Nations. Mr. Shaw was good enough to host his own BBC daytime television show for over 10 years, so obviously people care about his style of reporting.

In terms of bias, looking at articles as of late he has a more conservative lean with his articles for Breitbart News. However, he has reached across the aisle in his tenure writing for left-leaning news organizations such as the BBC and Huffington Post. Writing for Breitbart, his audience is mainly right-wing Constitutional conservatives. Breitbart has been considered by contemporaries as "shilling for Trump" during the 2016 election season. Looking back at articles written, all those pro-Trump articles were nothing but Op-Ed articles written with the point of having a slant. Shaw shows points of view in this article of the third person look, but mainly the first-person view of the leftist protestors. He does this by embedding tweets written by those opposing DACA and showing videos of the protests actually occurring.

From a content standpoint, the article shows the backlash people have about President Trump ending the "DREAMer" program. Mr. Shaw does not provide any of his insight on the decision, but rather shows how the nation is reacting. This content is very reliable as it is showing the first-person view of protestors in their own words exactly.

This article was posted yesterday, September 5, 2017. This is relevant because the backlash of the DACA announcement occurred on September 5, 2017. This matters greatly as I know that this is factual news and is not made up.

Ben Shapiro has made a name for himself in the political spectrum, starting from being a nationally-syndicated host from the age of 17 on. Shapiro is known as credible through his impressive field of experience throughout his fairly short life thus far. Graduating from UCLA in political science and later Harvard Law, one can surely say his schooling is on point. He was editor-in-chief of Breitbart News, one of America's largest independent news companies and now holds that position at The Daily Wire, a company he helped form. He is the host of the "Ben Shapiro Show", the most listened to conservative podcast on the radio today. Because of all this, it is made clear that people trust his fact telling as credible. However, this piece sourced is an opinion



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