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Is Starbucks More Delicious?

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Is StarbucksÐŽ¦ coffee more delicious?

As hitting the double-digit mark of 10% growth for the last five weeks, Starbucks get another peak of their development. Everybody wants to know the secret of the success of the Starbucks. Somebody who is not responsible just explains that its success is just because of peopleÐŽ¦s taste. Is it true? Is it StarbucksÐŽ¦ coffee more delicious?

1. Economic boom benefit Starbucks.

Mr. Coles, a Briton now based at StarbucksÐŽ¦ Seattle headquarters, attributed the chainÐŽ¦s quick growth in UK to the UKÐŽ¦s recent economic boom, and says: The British has enough disposable income to pay for fancy coffee drinks. Comparing with drinking tea bags or instant coffee, going to Starbucks and take a cup of coffee is certainly a luxury consumption. Only from the basic economic theory- demand and supply, we can conclude that the luxuriesÐŽ¦ consumption increase when the economy is warmer. So the economic prosperity from the 1990s gives a strong support to the consumption of luxuries. It is the main reason why Starbucks is so popular nowadays.

2. Young generationÐŽ¦s consumption is not rational.

Ms. Brown says, ÐŽ§I try to get my mum to come, but she told me I was crazy to waste my money this way.ЎЁ We observe that the hardcore consumer of Starbucks is from 18 years old to 40-the generation who didnÐŽ¦t suffer the 70sÐŽ¦ depression. This young generation didnÐŽ¦t get an important economic lesson teaching by the 70sÐŽ¦ depression that one should spend his money by average through oneÐŽ¦s whole life. For there is always some depression followed by the prosperity. Without this lesson, youth saved less, but consume more. So Starbucks can benefits a lot from their irrational consumption.

3. More caffeine per dollars makes it relative cheaper.




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