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Is Gallipoli a Tragic Film?

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Essay Preview: Is Gallipoli a Tragic Film?

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Is Gallipoli a tragic film?

Throughout the course of the film 'Gallipoli', many tragedies occurred, all of them were avoidable, however because of the decisions of the characters, deaths and injuries became reality. The first major tragedy was when Archie loses his life in the battle of the Nek. A tragedy on a larger scale, was when all the Australian men needlessly lose their life in a pointless battle. However, the ultimate tragedy which made these events occur as they did, was when Colonel Robinson forced the Australian soldiers to fight in a completely avoidable, yet impossible battle.

The first notable tragedy in the film 'Gallipoli', was when Archie Hamilton had his life cut short. Despite having his whole life ahead of him, including a very promising career as an "Olympic sprinter". Archie thought war was going to be more of an adventure than a "battle", this is a result of his naivety, this makes his death all the more tragic. He didn't know what he was getting into. If Archie was less naive he may have survived.

On a larger scale, the deaths of all the Australians who fought in a pointless battle was also a tragedy. They all had lives outside the war, with futures and families.The Australian soldiers had no reason to fight in the "Battle of the Nek" other than to "distract" the Turkish soldiers, so the British could safely land at 'Suvla Bay'. However, the British forces were "drinking cups of tea" during the battle. As such their was no acceptable reason for the Australians to have to fight and sacrifice their lives, the British effectively sent them to their doom as they stopped "shelling" the Turkish trenches. It is clear that the deaths of all these soldiers were avoidable and not necessary.

The final scenes of the film showed the utter futility of the fighting,Colonel



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