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Ironic Mode ~ Monk

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Ironic Mode - Monk

Danielle Broccoli

The character Adrian Monk is played in ironic mode. Monk is a very unique person he has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) where he cannot stand anything dirty or unorganized his mind is constantly giving him the urge to fix everything a certain way. He is most definitely overwhelmed by the environment because he can never get away to a "perfect" place; he is always surrounded by unclean and unorganized things. He is isolated from others because he cannot connect with other people since he is always worrying about things; his OCD prevents him from acting like a normal human being. Monk's life is marked by bondage and frustration because he is always held captive by the urge to organize and clean everything around him, but sometimes he is prevented from acting on those urges so he gets frustrated. Monk is crippled emotionally because he is always living with some sort of fear of getting "dirty" or he is always worrying about something not getting "fixed". Monk's job entitles that he goes to crime scenes and try to figure out what happened and help find the suspect. It is ironic that this happens to be his profession because when he goes to crime scenes he is normally surrounded by chaos and a very messy or dirty area. He always will fix lamps or tables that had been flipped over at the crime scene, that were signs of a struggle, but if he gets any blood or dirt on him he gets really stressed out and needs to get clean right away.



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