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Iron Jawed Angels And Feminism

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Iron Jawed Angels did a great job portraying the true brutality that women went through in order to obtain the right to vote. Women and young children had their backs turned on them by police while marching in a parade. The police officers simply turned their heads when mobs of men started viciously attacking the women. The women marching were stepping far from the norm and rebelling against families, husbands, and even other women. Some women were faced with the decision to either keep fighting for equal rights, or stay with their husbands and maintain a family.

When women chose to continue to fight for their rights, and have a voice, they were actually punished by their government, and in some cased tortured after being arrested for committing no crime at all. Not only was I appalled at how women were treated in prison, but how the president did nothing but tell women to "be patient", and that their rights were not a priority for his campaign. Throughout this entire movie, it was as though the President was ignoring the issue of women's rights because of his attitude towards women.

This movie showed the women's movements in a new light, where real women with husband's, children, and families risked their entire lives for women to be able to vote. Their courage and determination was mistaken for insanity and they were attacked on both mental and physical levels because the government did not favor equal rights at the time.



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