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Intro to Mexican-American War

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Essay Preview: Intro to Mexican-American War

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Pereda 1

Mexican-American War

Ernesto Pereda

Professor Reyes

History 109

17 Nov 2015

Pereda 2

To my wife Elaine Brown,

Today is September 13, 1847 babe. How are you? I miss you so much! I hope this war ends soon. I’m not too worried to die from one of these mexican soldiers, but so many of us are dying due to disease! My best friend Carl died from some sort of disease called smallpox. I hope Carl’s, and the many men who have died, lives mean something after this war. We captured Castillo de Chapultepec earlier today. Our General, Winfield Scott, says we are going to take Mexico City tomorrow. Hopefully all this is over and Mexico surrenders, so we can head back home. It’s inevitable for us to win this war.

President Polk had ordered our general, Winfield Scott, to take a large group of us, in the army, by sea to Veracruz. That was back in March though. I can’t believe it’s been so long yet I can remember all the fighting like it was yesterday. We took over one of Mexico’s main sea ports, and in doing so we are taking more and more control of Mexico and this war. General Scott doesn’t talk to me much on a personal level since I’m only a soldier. From what I’ve heard, from rumor, our military has already conquered Rio Grande and Monterrey. I feel pretty confident that we are going to take ths war babe. I have a lot of faith following General Scott into tomorrow’s battle, or any battle for that matter.

So many of these soldiers have died from disease and these illnesses. That’s a large reason I felt like writing to you babe, besides getting my mind off of all the horrible casualties I’ve had to witness. To be honest with you babe as soon as we step foot into the battleground I turn into someone else. I feel such a rush of fear to be another casualty and just be forgotten. Sometimes it’s like I just wake up around Mexican and American casualties not kowing whos blood was in my hands. Sometimes I wonder if what I’m doing is right or wrong. What makes

Pereda 3

the enemy different than me! We both are just good soldiers following our General's orders for a belief that what we are doing is for the best interest. Even though anger has helped me at times to keep fighting through this war, by night I don’t feel any better internally. I just feel more assured that killing, and fighting will be easier the next day.

I will write you another letter babe after we conquer Mexico, and I really believe we are. Pray for me! Through this war, internal struggle, and disease that’s going around. I LOVE YOU! I need to clean my rifle, stock up on bullets, and make sure I have an abundant amount of gunpowder.

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The Mexican-American War was driven by the idea of, “Manifest Destiny” (Which is the belief that America had a God-given right to expand



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