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Intervention Cold War

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Riordan Manufacturing is a global organization employing more than 550 employees in the United States and China. Maintaining a core group of employees that are committed to leading the industry in research and development and identifying trends is part of the company's mission. Attracting exceptional and qualified employees remains a challenge to the organization because of the geographical locations of some of the manufacturing plants. Riordan Manufacturing is committed to recruiting, staffing, and remaining legally compliant with the structure of the organization.


Riordan Manufacturing currently recruits employees primarily from outside the organization for entry-level jobs, whether they are hourly or professional. The company also recruits most engineering staff from outside the organization (Riordan Manufacturing). The company uses a variety of methods for recruiting such as online advertisements, local newspapers, employee referrals, temporary services, and engineering conferences. The company does promote from within on occasion and uses some contract workers for their overseas support in China. Recruiting for the smaller manufacturing sites have been a challenge for the company in the past but with Riordans competitive compensation and employee recognition plans those situations seem to be improving.

Recruiting the type of talent that is needed to propel Riordan Manufacturing requires the company to provide an innovative work environment that is properly supported by management. Having a competitive compensation plan that allows employees to reach incentives based on specific results broadens the recruiting field. The benefits package that is offered by Riordan enables the Human Resources Department to entice potential recruits that not only seek fair wages but flexible work schedules, 401K programs, paid vacation, medical insurance, and child care reimbursement. Riordan Manufacturing



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