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Interpretation of Fairy Tales

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Essay Preview: Interpretation of Fairy Tales

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Interpretation of fairy tales


Fairy tales have been passed on from one generation to another, and they are still being used as a means of expressing the cultural values in the society. Fairy tales free us from the constraints of the free us from the constraints of the real world. There are fundamental values in those stories. They contain elements of falsehood and truth, and they allow a broader audience to comprehend with them. They encompass variations and adaptations of a tale throughout history. They have evolved for centuries. The growth and adaptability of fairy tales have made it one of the world's most important literary traditions.

The Role of parents or siblings in the fairy tale

The relationships between adults and children discussions in fairy tales assist the children cope with their circumstances in the society. These tales,besides being a source of fun, assists them overcome the challenges they face in life. Oppressive parental figures are being expressed as the evil Queen of Little Snow-white. The role of parents in most fairy tales have been overshadowed, however in the story of Sleeping Beauty as told by Charles Perrault; the father did everything to prevent the curse. It signifies problems parents face in some fairy tales (Franz and Marie 189).

Problems and challenges Snow-white is facing like being shunned from home and forced to fend for herself can serve as a sort of rites of passage. Snow-white is dependent on the kindness of strangers. Hansel and Gretel are faced with a terrible witch when they leave their parents' home. They overcome the challenges and that victory brought them wealth and is no longer a burden on their family and society. Siblings have a role to protect and care for one another. The sister did not leave her brother behind but took care of each other for the rest of their lives. The brother represents an essentially inseparable unity (Franz and Marie 98).

The role of many parents is problematic analyzing the modern Hollywood fairy tales. In 2012, Snow White movie “Mirror Mirror" snow father was transformed into a menacing dragon who nearly kills her, but using his dagger she cuts the magical chain freeing him to love her again. However, there are lessons that parents can depict from this fairy tales. In Frozen 2012 the girls are young and loving but their parents' misguided parenting strategy regarding Elsa's powers ruined both daughters' lives. They developed hate and fear towards the outside world. Demonstrates it is the responsibility of parents to guide their children in the best way possible (Franz and Marie 160).

The absent literary mother is being portrayed in ‘How to Train a Dragon 2010.'The Reasons that she was not in her son's life are not a tribute to maternal love. In Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Snow-white as the angel and the Queen as the monster cannot enjoy a functional, loving mother-daughter relationship, as patriarchy has set the queen against her stepdaughter. It is inspirational for children to read stories of sympathetic child heroes who are victorious against all odds because it encourages them. The study of the relationships between parents and children is certainly truly important to the readers and the listeners (Franz and Marie 160).

Analyzing modern fairy tale character and its significance

All stories must contain certain elements in that they must have a plot or events that take place. Character is any person or animal represented in literary work. In Puss in Boots by Charles Perrault, the cat is very special; he can talk and wear clothes. It shows a special relationship between a human and a fairy-like a creature. The Grimm brothers' in-depth understanding is that it signified his status as a fairy when the cat asked his master for boots. The boots that are given to the Puss signifies that there is a level of respect by his master. Jack Zipes emphasizes that good clothes make a person, portraying him as important and the way he presents himself before the king helped his master gain favor with the king. The Miller symbolizes that he was not creative that he had to rely on his cat in some ways to improve his lifestyle. (Grimm et al. 205)

According to Tatar 235 ‘The three sons' Fairy tales often contain three siblings in which the youngest becomes the protagonist. The youngest son who is the Miller is fortunate enough with the help of a magical helper achieves good fortune through a lucky adventure or a magical helper; in this case it is the cat. It is those who possess humility that gets the promotion to the ranks of a noble. The Cunning tricks to catch rats and mice by the cat: Maria Tatar, like many scholars, finds debatable morals in this popular tale. She states that in circumstances that the tale has a valid lesson. This inspires respect for those domestic creatures that hunt mice and also assist their masters" (Tatar 235). The tale's reputation might rest simply on its storyline of a cat's cunning. The cat's skill at trickery while hunting will include methods used by normal cats, such as pretending to be dead, and methods impossible for real cats, like hanging by his heels.



The modern fairy adaptation and various critical approaches

Analysis of Anne Sexton sleeping beauty

The poem questions one of the cultural myths about women and their role in the society. Anna Sexton demolishes the heroic characterization traditionally assigned to male figures. It is by virtue of which their sole function consists in rescuing damsels in distress, bringing them back to life or, marrying them. Snow White being placed into a social and feminist context that transforms the cultural gender image. This change is with regards to the poem "Briar Rose". Fairy tales underscore the effects on women of various "alluring fantasies. Ellen C. Rose is proposing that Sexton's critique being directed against women.  It becomes clear in the prolog and throughout the poem that "the cause of female narcissism is a male dominated culture that that perceives women as objects and conditions them to become objects. The author by providing this oblique ending, reveals herself as another victim of that female narcissism. That compels women to become aesthetic objects to be contemplated and elected as suitable wives and mothers. It signifies despise and underrate the so-called feminine activities (Haase 44)



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