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Internet And Cultural Diversity

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Essay Preview: Internet And Cultural Diversity

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Michael Amaladoss, Professor of Theology at Vidyajyoti College of Theology, once stated, “The communication revolution, thanks to its rapidity and outreach, has made the world a global village.” This quote holds true because developments in technology have brought together different markets, and cultures. It is still hard to say, however, whether these technologies have contributed to cultural understanding or helped to spread cultural homogenization.

Depending on who you are and where you’re from, one may argue that developments in technology have revolutionized American domination over other cultures. It is an easy side to support as America has dominated not only the economic but also the political and military scene. For example, westerns, Disney cartoons, and soap operas are seen everywhere; American musicians attract crowds from all over the world; Pepsi and McDonalds have become symbols of the global consumer market.

Others may argue that cultural understanding has dominated because individuals have been quick to embrace the use of the internet. Numerous people have seen the potential that the internet offers. According to the article, “Cultural Diversity in the Age of Globalization”, indigenous people see the potential for access to a large community of interest for their local struggles, for fostering cultural revitalization, and for transforming their relationship with the dominant society. Though the use of different communication technologies, people can interact with different cultures/different types of people, to gain a better understanding of what they do not know. For example, chat rooms allow people to communicate with each other from different parts of the world.

Personally, I believe that the development of different technologies has reduced personal interaction, which in turn reduces the development of cultural diversity. In many areas when you step into your neighborhood and you can experience numerous cultures; whether it is the local stores, diverse cultural performances, etc. The article, “Virtuality and its Discontents: Searching for Community in Cyberspace” states, “as the industrial and economic base of urban life declined, downtown social spaces such as the neighborhood theater or diner were replaced by malls and cinema complexes…; increasingly, we want entertainment that commutes right into our homes. In [such] case, the neighborhood



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