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Interclean Generic Benchmarking

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InterClean Generic Benchmarking

University of Phoenix

MBA 530 Ð'- Human Capital Development

Organizational changes and market transitions are obstacles which companies from all industries experience on a regular basis. The analysis involves an in depth study of several companies from different industries. Each company experienced situations, which required decisions similar to those experienced by InterClean. The one constant which remained across the various companies and different industries was the significance of addressing the issues regarding an organizations strategy and human capital strategy. The consensus across all successful companies reiterates the notion of aligning the company's human capital with the organization's overall strategy is a priority of the utmost importance. The companies which embrace these practices in an effective manner are those which enjoy long term success.

The group has generated a synopsis of various companies from a wide array of industries. Matt Sons is the author of the Microsoft and General Motors synopses. Joe DeNardi is the author of Cisco Systems and Oracle Corporation synopses. Timothy Leblanc is the author of the Sears and H&R Block synopses. Stephanie Koepp is the author of the CDW Corporation and Invitrogen synopses. Luis Marinez is the author of the Southwest Airlines and Toyota.

Overall Analysis

InterClean can learn from these two companies by using some of what they did and incorporating it into their own merger. Taking a cue from General Motors, InterClean can and will start to push total solutions into the product offerings, instead of just the product themselves. By using some the solutions that EnviroTech offers, and putting it into their own solution package, InterClean will be sure to offer something that every company can use. Additionally, by working with EnviroTech and taking on their product line as well, they will essentially be doing the same with Microsoft and the Linux system. By acquiring EnviroTech, InterClean will also be free to use any of EnviroTech's products without any patent right, or copyright lawsuits.

Cisco's success in the networking facet of the Internet world is a direct result of their commitment to their employees. Through their relentless efforts to motivate and train its employees, Cisco has positioned themselves as the networking leader. Their strong effort has won the confidence in the consumer market and has allowed them to enjoy the reputation as being a true model corporation. Taking into consideration the timeframe in which InterClean is planning to complete the transition, emulating a training module, such as that of which Cisco Systems has in place could prove to be extremely advantageous. Like Cisco, it is essential that InterClean puts in a strong effort in managing the transition. "System wide change must be almost instantaneous in some instances. Thus, new measurement systems must be carefully piloted and employees trained in how to use new HRM systems." (Dreher & Dougherty (2001) Ch. 1., Pg. 33) Benchmarking their training procedures against those of Cisco will facilitate the transition.

Oracle Corporation has been able to weather the storm in the technology by defining a clear corporate vision and ensuring that their employees were well trained in understanding and learning the company's products. "Creating a vision of the future requires showing individuals and groups how they will fit into the future." (Dreher & Dougherty (2001) Ch. 1., Pg. 32). Being that the news of the acquisition of another company created a wave of uncertainty within InterClean, the use of seminars and offering in depth training to reiterate the company's new direction and to ensure that the current employees will play a role in attaining this mission will ease the tension. Oracle can serve as an excellent example for InterClean to refer to in trying to understand a successful way in trying to win the faith and confidence of their employees.

InterClean also faces many of the same issues as H&R Block in changing their industry from a product based industry to a solution-based industry. The sales force must be trained on government regulations regarding the sanitation industry, customer needs and product functions. While the sales force, like H&R Block's tax professionals, had to be re-trained on banking regulations and Security and Exchange Commissions (SEC) regulations, and a support system needed to be developed for customers and for the organizations employees. InterClean may need to develop a client help center for after the sale is complete where the client can receive instructions on the use of the system. Also, the client may need support with broken equipment or damaged products. InterClean has created a new vision for the company, employees and the potential customers. H&R Block has empowered its employees to provide the proper products to the clients, so if a client would be better served by having a savings account verses an IRA then the employee has the discretion to put the client in a savings vehicle versus an IRA. The H&R Block employee also has a minimum requirement of 30 hours of continuing education through out the off-season however, many employees exceed the minimum requirement InterClean will need to re-evaluate their employees feeling of control, job challenge, and opportunity to engage in lifelong learning, and employee recognition in order to continually meet the needs of its people.

InterClean has a new vision, as did the new Sears Holding company, and the vision was delivered in much the same way, through the print and broadcast media. However, a year after the Kmart/Sears merger the cross-selling of proprietary brands had not begun and the organization had not recognized the annualized income growth that was expected. InterClean has not developed a solid structure to be adopted shortly after the acquisition of EnviroTech therefore the managing of the transition from a products based company to a solutions based company will be in jeopardy.

Because InterClean is planning to expand it must begin a hiring process. Janet Durham, Vice President of Human Resources has instructed her new staff that they begin screening new candidates for employment. The success of InterClean's goals is to place staff in place that is knowledgeable and capable of learning all aspects of the new products and services. Southwest Airlines practices a method for company hiring. The airliner uses a hiring approached named Targeted Selection. The purpose of this practice is to find applicants that meet the criteria the company is looking for. Southwest Airlines



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