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Informative Speech on Cybercrime

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Essay Preview: Informative Speech on Cybercrime

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By: Fatin Nabila binti Shaharuddin (2015136997) -BM2423A-

Are you often go online? Have you ever been affected by cybercrime? Did you know that Malaysia is the 6th most vulnerable country to cyber-crime threat risk? A very good evening to Dr. Josephine and my fellow classmates. Today, I would like to talk about cybercrime. In Malaysia, the crimes committed against computers are beginning to grow as fast as the acceptance of the technologies in our community. We might not aware on this issue but to think that our every interaction online has the potential for those who wish to use the Internet to attack us. I have done some extra research on this issue to help me understand better about cybercrime. With a better understanding, we may be able to take the necessary steps to protect ourselves against them. First of all, I will provide the background information on cybercrime before providing some interesting statistics on cybercrime in Malaysia and end my speech with a few prevention tips.

        My friends, what is cybercrime? Cybercrime is defined as crime committed over the Internet. From the Wikipedia, there are two types of definition that have been highlighted such as, any crime that involves a computer and a network and the computer may have been used in commission of a crime, or it may be the target. According to Duggal Pavan, in his journal entitled Cybercrime, he has defined the cybercrime as “Any criminal activity that uses a computer either as an instrumentality, target or as a means for perpetuating further crimes comes within the ambit of a cybercrime”. So my friends, cybercrime can be divided into different types. According to a report by Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team, they have classified cybercrime into nine categories; such as content related, cyber harassment, denial of service, fraud intrusion, intrusion attempt, malicious codes, spam and vulnerabilities report.

        Is this some of the issue that should be concerned of? Based on the statistics by Cyber Security Malaysia, the Incident Statistics report in 2015, out of 9915 cases reported, it shows that spam recorded the highest number of incidents at 35.7% while fraud came in second with a total of 32.85%. In 2014, RM 1.2 billion has already been stolen through cybercrime, making losses due to online fraud in Malaysia. Next, according to the 2010 Norton Cybercrime report, up to 83% of Internet users in Malaysia have fallen victim to cybercrimes, 45% of victim in Malaysia have never fully resolved the cybercrime. The same study also showed that 20% of the respondents said the biggest problem they faced when associated with the cybercrime was the loss of irreplaceable data and 60% said their biggest fear is the financial loss.



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