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Influence Of Entertainment Media

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Influence of Entertainment Media

Entertainment has produced a variety of benefits and trials to American culture and the way we communicate. Television has been around since the 1950s. For the most part television was the primary source of amusement. Television has advanced the culture by creating an influence within newspapers, books, magazines', news, sports, and movies. Because of the cultures and values of entertainment, families can gather around the television to watch favorite shows, soap operas, games, and much more. Media has changed the way people act in response, and live because of the information that is being transported into the homes such as cable television, or broadcast of current events within progress. Entertainment has made a huge impact within the 21st century ("How Has Television Changed America", 2007.)

Music is another benefit that has added to the culture within the way we communicate. American music has been an enormous influence within the many different styles and the way we express ourselves through songs and music. People listen to music to change his or her feelings. If a he or she is sad or remembering a love one they will usually play music to remind him or her of the good times. Music can also act as a relaxation therapy releasing endorphins from the brain ("How Has Television Changed America", 2007.)

Video games are another form of entertainment that has added to the American culture. Video games have become the new communication tool within the last 10 years. One can meet, and play the video games with strangers around the world through computer connection. This game teaches the players problem solving, improving communication skills, while developing creativity and establishing graphics, technology, and design while leading the culture to be dependent with technology ("How Has Television Changed America", 2007.)

Social media can



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