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Individuals In Organizations

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The things I see that are some major challenges of organizational behavior and management over the next several decades for Green River are:

Affective commitment--these people will have to be happy to be part of the organization, believe in the organization and what it stands for, and intend to do what is good for the organization. Employees that are committed to the organization will work harder, show up for work, and be on time (George & Jones, 2005). Also employees that are committed won't want to leave which reduces turnovers. It also helps in having more positive consequences for the organization as a whole.

Intrinsic and extrinsic work values--these people will have to acquire both strong intrinsic and extrinsic work values to be more satisfied with their jobs.

The work station--these people want and need tasks that they are interested in, interaction with all members of the organization even the customers, great surroundings to work in, and fairness of how they are treated by all.

The one thing I see that is a major challenge of organizational behavior and management over the next several decades for Aberdeen is keeping the way it is for the next few decades. That will be a major challenge, for it will more than likely switch hands again. They do not need someone with a big head to come in there and make changes that do not need to be made. So, they will have to be very careful of whom they choose to run the place to keep the successfulness alive.

Organizational commitment is one key determinant of the experience of work and central to understanding and managing organizational behavior (George & Jones, 2005). People with a high level of affective commitment are less likely to quit and may perform organizational citizenship behavior without knowing it. With this comes the survival and effectiveness of an organization because



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